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Born on 14 July 1995, in Missouri, United States, along with a twin named Sydney, Brooke Wells has accomplished a lot. She owns the title of the 6th fittest woman on earth.

Wells got into CrossFit at an early age, when she was in the senior year of high school and since then has a tightly packed schedule, managing school/college along with sports.

She was still a teenager when she started picking up sponsors, including Nobull, a shoe, and clothing company. Now, just a few years later, Wells still endorses Nobull, where she’s one of the company’s top performers, and nine other companies, such as Cellucor, Xtend, Beam, Country Archer, Compex, Whoop, GoWod, MacroMeals, and CompTrain.

Wells won her first professional competition, the 2015 CrossFit Central Regional, at just 19 and that qualified her for the CrossFit National Games where she finished 16th overall. In 2014, she competed with team 540 Beefy of CrossFit 540 at the North Central Regional. She went on to take 16th in her debut Games appearance in 2015. She proved herself again in 2016, taking third at the Central Regional but catapulting to sixth at the Games with six top-five finishes and one event win.

At 5-foot-6, 150 pounds, Wells can deadlift 425 pounds, clean 270, and squat more than 350. And she just keeps getting better. This Team Cellucor athlete is a three-time CrossFit Games competitor, whose best finish so far was in 2016 when she placed sixth.

Brooke Wells has an optimistic nature and looks at the brighter side. She had scored the 14th position in one of the Cross-fit games, which was pretty disappointing for all her fans. But Wells did not give up and took this failure as an opportunity to shine brighter next time.

Questions we would love to ask her:

What will you do after receiving the title of the “Fittest Woman on earth?”

What were the primary challenges that you faced while making your place at the Cross-fit games?

What is your main motive?

Which was the most troublesome period of your journey?

Is Cross-fit from your imaginations the same as reality?


Grishina was born on 25th March 1978 in Kaliningrad, Russia. When they moved to Riga her mother decided to put her in gymnastics as a way to direct her energy. When she was 10 years her father was reassigned to a new post in Russia. However, there was no gymnastics school in that city. Her coach in Riga offered her the chance to stay there and continue her training. Finally, her father got to move her family to Kaliningrad but they changed apartments often and she moved from school to school. She spent countless hours going to school gymnastics by bus and on foot and she rarely saw her parents.

Fitness was her life. She went to University in Kaliningrad and in 2000 she earned a degree as a specialist in Physical Training and Sports. During her university years and several years later she organized her ballet “Antares”. She also worked as a choreographer with children at the Tchaikovsky School of Music and Art in Kaliningrad.

In 2002, a few trainers at the gym told her she had a good structure for bodybuilding. She started training and later discovered competitive fitness. She spent several years working as a trainer and manager in sports clubs while quickly rising to the top of competitive fitness in Russia. In 2005 and 2006 she was awarded the title of “Best Non-Olympic Sportswoman of the Year” in the Kaliningrad Region. While winning fitness competitions on the international stage at the European and world championships, she finally earned her IFBB pro card to compete in the 2007 Olympia. She has been in the United States for over three years and now lives in California. She continues to work as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, and fitness model.

Few of the many titles she won

1993 “Master of Sports of Russia” in Rhythmic Gymnastics

2004 “Master of Sports of Russia of International Class” in Bodybuilding

2005–2006 Awarded Best Non-Olympic Sportswoman of the Year in the Kaliningrad Region

2006 World Championship, Overall Fitness Champion

2007 Europa Super Show, Fitness, 16th Place

2007 IFBB Olympia, Fitness, 7th Place

2008 New York Pro Fitness Classic, Fitness, 7th Place

2010 Arnold Classic, Fitness, 5th Place

2010 IFBB Olympia, Fitness Division, 5th Place

2012 St. Louis Pro, Fitness, 1st Place

2012 IFBB Olympia, Fitness Division, 2nd Place

2012 Arnold Classic Europe, Fitness, 1st Place

2012 Ft Lauderdale Cup, Fitness, 1st Place

2013 Arnold Classic, Fitness, 2nd Place

2014 Arnold Classic, Fitness, 1st Place

2014 IFBB Olympia, Fitness Division, 1st Place

2015 Arnold Classic, Fitness, 1st Place

2015 IFBB Olympia, Fitness Division, 1st Place

2016 IFBB Olympia, Fitness Division, 1st Place

2017 IFBB Olympia, Fitness Division, 1st Place

Questions we would love to ask her:

What gets you motivated?

Did living without parents affect your emotional health?

What workout routine has worked best for you?

What was the turning point in your life that made you want to invest in your own body?

What do you give importance to in a competition?

Do you get nervous before a performance or competition?

How did you fight against the odds?

Who is your role model in the field of gymnastics?


Bruce Lee was born to Lee Hoi-cheun and Grace Ho in San Francisco, California on November 27, 1940. He was a Hong Kong-American martial artist, actor, director and philosopher. He had two brothers, Peter Lee and Robert Lee. He is one of the most influential martial artist of all time. Lee appeared in many movies as a child. As a young man, he got into some street fights, so it was decided that Bruce was to be trained in Martial Arts. Among many of his trainers include his father, Yip Man, Peter Lee, Brother Edward, Ed Parker and many more. Yet again, Lee got involved in frequent street fights, that’s when his father decided that he should go to America for a safer life. Bruce Lee started to teach Judo to his friends, and later opened a Martial Arts schools in Seattle.

Bruce Lee started appearing in television series and movies along which came his big break in 1971, The Big Boss, that took the film industry by storm. He also continued various workouts and training activities alongside. Some of his other movies include Fist of Fury (1972), Enter the Dragon (1973), The Myth (1976), Game of Death (released: 1978), Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey (released: 2000).

For these, he was recognized by:

The Hong Kong Film Awards- Lifetime Achievement Award (1994)

Star of the Century Award (2004)

Golden House Awards- Best Mandarin Film 1972 for Fist of Fury

Special Jury Award 1972 for Fist of Fury

Received an award for being selected by the Hong Kong “Evening” Newspaper as one of the top ten movie stars (1972)

Bruce Lee’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Titles won by Lee

  • The 1958 Cha-Cha championship at 18.
  • The 1964 Karate championship for his contribution to Karate.
  • May 2, 1964: He won the commemorative exhibition award presented by Wally Jay and the Island Judo Jujitsu Club of Alameda, California in appreciation for his kung fu exhibition.
  • January 28, 1967: Appeared on the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon to help raise money for victims of the disease.
  • May 1967: National Karate Championship Appreciation Award presented in appreciation of his participation.
  • 1967: Appreciation Award presented by Wally Jay and the Island Judo Jujitsu Club of Alameda, California.
  • June 1968: National Karate Championship Award in appreciation of his participation as a guest judge.
  • May 1969: National Karate Championship Appreciation Award in appreciation of his participation as a special guest.
  • May 1970: National Karate Championship Appreciation Award in appreciation of his participation as the guest of honor.
  • 1972 – Inducted into Black Belt magazine’s Black Belt Hall of Fame.
  • March 12, 1973 – St. Francis trophy presented by the students of his Hong Kong alma mater for participation in St. Francis Xavier’s College Sports Day.
  • 1974 – Inducted into Black Belt magazine’s Black Belt Hall of Fame for the second time as the Martial Artist of the Year.

These are only half of the awards that Bruce Lee won, as some of them are even awarded to him after his death. This proves how successful Bruce Lee is.

World Records claimed by him

  • He could punch about nine times in just one second and his One-Inch Punch could easily force a 75 KG opponent 5-6 meters away.
  • Lee has been the only human who could break a 45KG sandbag only by side kicking.
  • Lee could easily kick six times in just one second and his signature move of “Skip Sidekick” had the capacity to push a 200 pounds man 20 meters away.
  • According to the present data, Lee could, in one go, do 1500 pushups with both hands, 400 with one hand, 200 with two fingers, and 100 with just the thumb.
  • He also holds the world record for kicking a 135 kg sandbag to a 5-meter high ceiling.

Questions we would love to ask him

  1. You got into several street fights as a youth. How did that experience help you in martial arts?
  2. If you weren’t a martial artist, what job would you want?
  3. Do you have a hidden skill? If yes, what is it?
  4. Who has been your biggest motivation from the beginning, and why?
  5. According to you, what has been the biggest accomplishment in your career and why?
  6. If there was one thing you could change by going back in the past, what would it be?
  7. What has been the greatest hurdle in your career?
  8. How can you describe a typical day at your job?
  9. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
  10. You are an inspiration to millions of people. How does that make you feel?

He breathed his last July 20, 1973 in Hong Kong, China at an early age of 32. The cause of death wasn’t certain at first, but autopsy reports showed that Lee’s brain had swollen due to Cerebral Edema. Bruce Lee continues to be one of the most important and popular people in the world.

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